Buying Used Farm Equipment: Good or Bad Idea?

In order to function optimally, a farm needs equipment that is in perfect working order. Moreover, this equipment contributes to the safety and comfort of the land owner. So the question is: when buying farm supplies, what are the reasons for turning to the second-hand market? Or is it preferable to buy new in the shops? Find out more clearly in this article whether buying second-hand farm equipment is reliable or not.

The big difference in price

When it comes to selling equipment, the prices of good second-hand equipment are much lower than those of new equipment. For example, a used combine or tractor is only worth 25% of the price of new models. Naturally, buying equipment that has already been used proves to be more profitable financially. Agricultural machinery that has been used in the past is extremely reliable, because even after many years of use, it is still extremely efficient and robust.

Making the right choice between new and used

When you start farming or when you want to add agricultural equipment, it is not easy to acquire a new model. In fact, second-hand equipment is more than enough, unless you are a professional or own a large business. Before making the purchase, know that new and used equipment meet the same objectives and the quality of work will remain the same. The big difference lies in the availability of equipment: when you go to meet an individual who is selling his equipment, you can immediately take it over without waiting for anything. Unfortunately, a delay in delivery and other procedures prevents immediate use in the case of a brand new machine.

Why should you give preference to second-hand equipment?

Because of their reliability, used agricultural equipment does not care when they are manufactured. Having said that, a tractor may be considerably older, but it is their history that really has to be taken into account. What kind of work has it done? What modifications have been made? With the help of the owner, you will get a more concrete approach to your future equipment. Used farm equipment is the perfect ally for private individuals with an average farm. Did you know that? Buying second-hand is an ecological gesture. It's better to find a piece of equipment from a second owner than to find an abandoned machine. With your purchase, you unconsciously participate in the reduction of waste. When you say agriculture, you also say respect for nature, so buy second-hand as soon as you have the opportunity!

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