Agriculture & fashion: is the coverall too has-been?

The wetsuit has been designed to be used for farm work for several years. However, it is still being used at the moment to protect farmers against different products and also as protection against soiling. Did you know that it…

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What shoes to wear for a farmer?

Being a farmer requires specific equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of its user. Are you looking for shoes suitable for farming work? Discover in this article the tips for choosing shoes for farmers. Farming boots Generally, farm boots…

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Is it possible to be a farmer and a fashion victim?

Many farmers do not limit themselves to coveralls or traditional shoes to do their daily work. Indeed, nowadays there are many fashionable accessories designed especially for farmers. Here are some explanations to help you understand how to be a fashionable…

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What types of gloves to wear in agriculture?

Gloves for farmers are among the indispensable materials that guarantee the safety of farmers and farmers. Therefore, to ensure maximum safety, it is essential to choose the right model for the situation. This article will help you choose the best…

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