Types of fertilizers

What equipment is used to make livestock ?

Feed quality plays an important role in the health and development of your livestock. Feed must be prepared in good conditions and with suitable equipment. What are these materials? This article will help you learn about feed manufacturing equipment for…

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Essential nutrition for cattle farm

Beef cattle, beef cattle, calves or suckler or dairy cows, ruminant nutrition can vary greatly. In any case, on average, cattle feed on grass for 60% of their diet. In addition, feed supplements and manufactured feedstuffs are used to cover…

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What are the differences between nitrogen, phosphate and potassium mineral fertilizers?

A mineral fertilizer is a product of natural mineral origin. It is made up of sedimentary rocks, which may be saline, eruptive or from a deposit. Industrial transformations or chemical synthesis may be necessary. It may contain either nitrogen, phosphate,…

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The risks of chemical agricultural fertilizers

Farmers use chemical fertilizers to increase crop yields. The main ones are NPK or nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, which are used to over-feed the soil to make it fertile. At first glance, these fertilizers make up for nutrient deficiencies in…

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Do fertilizers create pollution risks?

Fertilizers are essential for every farmer. They help to increase production yields. However, some types of fertilizers can be harmful to the environment. Find out in this article about the pollution risks of fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizers Nitrogen fertilizer is a…

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