What equipment is used to make livestock ?

Feed quality plays an important role in the health and development of your livestock. Feed must be prepared in good conditions and with suitable equipment. What are these materials? This article will help you learn about feed manufacturing equipment for your livestock. Click here if you want to have more information.

Products for making animal feedstuffs

Feed for your livestock requires a great deal of attention as it ensures optimal nutrition for your animals. The quality of their feed is fundamental, so feeds must be made with protein-rich materials such as oilseeds and legumes for example. Proteins promote growth and development. On the other hand, the products used must be concentrated energetically. For example, cereal grains, roots, tubers, fats and oils are among the materials most commonly used in the manufacture of animal feed. For the same reasons, these feeds must also contain vitamin-rich minerals and other micro-ingredients.

Feed sifters and cleaners

Sifters and cleaners are the equipment mainly used for the manufacture of animal feed. Indeed, feed must be sieved and sorted in order to keep the good quality of the feed. Sifting equipment contains specially designed screens to simplify the sorting of your feed. The sorted feed must then pass through a cleaner to remove all kinds of microbes from your feed. For example, centrifugal screeners, pellet screeners, and many similar machines are designed to make your job easier and improve the nutrition of your livestock. In addition, these machines are very practical and easy to operate.

Feed grinders and mixers

In order to manufacture the feed, the raw materials must be submitted to a grinding machine. The purpose of this machine is to reduce the size of the particles until they have the correct particle size. For example, for the grinding of grain, there are two types of equipment, namely roller mills and hammer mills. Roller grain mills have four rollers over which the products to be ground pass. This machine is necessary in the separation of germs from particles. Hammer mills, on the other hand, consist of a hammer rotor which strikes the grains against a plate. They are used to extract glucoses and bio-alcohols from the grains. During this feed manufacturing process, the products must be mixed with fats and vitamins to improve the energy supply of the feed. This equipment has been manufactured with special materials to ensure its robustness. Thus, they guarantee the quality and good nutrition of your livestock in the long term.
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