What products to use to feed your cattle?

Being a farmer is one of humanity's oldest professions. Knowing how to feed animals is therefore very essential. At the moment, a lot of research has been done to improve the diet of each animal, beef being a perfect example. Depending on the country, standards have also been imposed over the years to guarantee the quality of meat and milk. It is therefore very important to find out what feedstuffs are essential for the proper development of a bovine animal.

Vegetable feed

Designing feed for ruminants is quite difficult. Various factors have to be taken into account. Among them is the stage of development in which cattle are currently at. The quantity and composition of the feed is different if you have, for example, heifers or also highly developed cattle. There are also two main phases of development to consider: before and after calving. However, the nutrition of the latter is plant-based. Grass is a perfect example, which is why most farmers leave their cattle free during the day. The same is true for straw. Three types of straw are suitable for feeding your cattle: wheat straw, barley straw and pea straw. In the same context, hay can also be used as a staple food for your cattle. An animal of this kind should eat on average two to three times a day. Feed supplements on this site are also necessary most of the time in order to ensure the growth and health of your cattle.

Feed supplements

Like any living being, food supplements are essential for cattle to meet all their nutritional needs. More and more companies specialising in animal feeds are offering vitamins and minerals for cattle for this purpose. Apart from straw and hay, their feed must also be mixed with soybean meal, liquid feed or also flattened grain. Also in this context, feeding VMA is also a good way to supplement your cattle's overall diet. The latter generally contains calcium as well as phosphorus, which is essential for them. Most of the time, the dosage is often prescribed directly on the packaging of the feed supplement you have chosen. In the same order, always take into consideration the digestibility of each component of the daily ration. For example, adding soluble nitrogen to straw is a satisfactory alternative to facilitate their digestion. In any case, it is often necessary to consult a specialist at least once a year to determine whether your cattle feed is still adapted to their needs.

The importance of water and proper storage

Water is the basis of all animal nutrition. Make sure that your cattle can get as much as they want. The containers you use to store water should be cleaned regularly. Also, remember to change the water in them every day. This will save you from having to go to the vet too often. Likewise, it's important to consider the preservation of the feed you feed your cattle. Moisture, for example, is very harmful to hay and straw. It encourages the development of moulds that are harmful to your animals. Currently, every farmer must follow standards for the enclosure and conservation of the products used to feed their cattle. In addition, controls are systematically carried out to guarantee quality cattle breeding in the majority of modern countries.
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